Benefits of beer shampoo for hair

Beer is an alcoholic beverage, which are prepared all over the world. And now beer has come not only for beverage stuffs but also comes in shampoo for smooth and silky hair. There are many benefits of beer shampoo for hair as beer itself have its many benefits, raw beer can be used as an Anti-septic purposes for any kinds of wounds, used in earlier periods.

beer shampoo

Benefits of beer shampoo for hair are observed that beer proves better than other ordinary shampoo. Beer works well because the alcohol acts as a cleansing and shine agent. Shampoo gives you healthy, smooth and rescue from dry and dull hair, makes hair soft, less frizzy or messy and also enhance hair growth.

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Lists of benefits of Beer Shampoo for hair-

  1. Improve the lustre and quality of the hair
  2. Beer helps control dry scalp and removes dandruff. Beers are cleans the scalp and hair due to its alcoholic properties.
  3. Beer contains proteins and vitamins, so they help to strengthen,smoothen the hairs and improve the quality of hair.
  4. Easily removes oil from the hair.
  5. Adds shine and volume to the hair.
  6. Make the hair manageable within few weeks.
  7. It nourishes and smoothes hair, while strengthens your strands and pumps up the volume of your hairs.

As beer smell is strong and alcoholic representation. Beer shampoo has also some disadvantage faced by the users. As for those who are non-drinker, beer smell of the shampoo is kind of repulsive.

The Raw Beer can also be used for cleansing of hair, as it has the alcohol properties which are the cleansing agent. Beer deep cleans the hair and scalp preventing itchiness and removes dandruff. And commercially, Shampoo is available. Park Avenue has created this dynamic Beer Shampoo, which is the most popular Beer Shampoo.

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A glance on Park Avenue Beer Shampoo-

Beer shampoo is the best shampoo for your hair as it gives you the healthiest hair. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is the most popular beer shampoo product and loved by every people around the world. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo contains real beer as the primary content of the shampoo.

The most attractive part is the bottle, which looks alike as ordinary beer bottles, but they are shampoo not meant to be drink. A pleasant beer smelling shampoo has the most beneficial for hair.

And the most importantly Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is best for both male and female hair. The beer strengthened and nourished hair for smooth and shinier hair. Beer contains some immune benefits that protect the hair from pollution and massive sun heat. Beer shampoo is also a good hair conditioner and provides silky hairs.

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Park Avenue Beer Shampoo for Normal Hair for Men, 200ml


  • adnan khan says:

    Mam, some of my hairs are became greyish in colour .Doctor said that my hairs are not getting enough protein and vitamin.I just want to ask if i start using beer shampoo .Will it be helpful for my hairs..Sir please reply it fast.

  • Hii adnan, If you haven’t used Beer shampoo. Go for it. and after using please donot forget to share your results back 🙂 Thankyou..

  • sakshi says:

    Hello this is sakshi my Hairs is completely damaged rough dry split ends and dandruff! All these are my Prblm will it repair my hair? And If it do works how many days in a week should I use this and how long will it take to show its effects on my hair? Plz reply ma’am!

  • anam says:

    Mam.. My hair is very rough and very curly… So if I use beer shampoo dn it will be helpful fr my hair ????

  • Pandu says:

    My hair is so dry and full of drandruff I have tried many shampoos I did not find any difference is beer shampoo helpful for me?

  • Hi Pandu,
    Beer shampoo is not bad. Try for it 🙂

  • Sakshi, There is no specific time, it completely depends on your hair. But this is eventually helpful.
    Best regards 🙂

  • Tara says:

    I have used beer shampoo earlier but couldn’t continue. I must say, it made my hair more shinier and also made them look thick.

  • susan says:

    I have heard that beer has a lot of benefits or your hair but it just seemed so strange that I kind of brushed it off. I would like to give it a try now, though, and hopefully it really does work. Excellent post!

  • Aditya Jha says:

    I want a shampoo which can increase the volume of my hair…is there anyone???

  • Jeffy says:

    hi, I used beer shampoo once and my hair fall was much that day??Is it normal?

  • Jeffy, Don’t use if it doesn’t suits you. . .
    It will be better if you consult doctor.
    Thank you.

  • suhel singh says:

    I haven’t tried beer shampoo yet but my friends recommend the reason I wanna try is I am getting lot of dandruff & itchiness may be bcoz of that I get pimples on my face I have ben to dr.batra its almost a year now no much improvement plz let me know be beer shampoo will really help my scalp

  • Abhishek says:

    Mam can u please tell me how to apply this shampoo. Someone told me to apply this shampoo directly on dry hair because my hair is tangled and dry. Also can u tell me what to do for straightening the hair without using any equipment.

  • suzain says:

    hey mam,,,
    i bought beer shampoo but many people said me that it is very rough…
    is it true????

  • Suzain,
    Some doesn’t suit with beer shampoo and some suits. So it completely depends..

  • swathi says:

    mam I’m trying purchase beer shampoo … bcz my hair is so rough and looking very dull….Can u tell me how to apply and how can I know that it suitable for my hair….

  • Sonia says:

    I just want to tell you this is a one of the best shampoo.. i ever use..

  • Reema says:

    Is it available In India ?? Please share amazon link to buy….. Thanks

  • Hi, Reema..
    Checkout the products here..
    Beer Shampoo,
    Regards, Khakchangri…

  • Ruzina Thapa says:

    Hi, Khakchangri..
    Amazing article… I m going to use this shampoo for sure. Thanks for the great information..
    Love it..

  • Thanks Ruzina..
    I m glad that you liked it..

  • monika says:

    Sir ,
    I am syffrng frm hyperthyroidism for 1.6 years. Now my thyroid level is normal but my hair fall is not stopped yet. My hairs are not like before. Too much thin hair . Almost hairs are gone, no shine no bounce . Wat should i do?

  • Hello Monika,
    Please consult Doctor. It will be good for you 🙂

  • Rinku Ladwal says:

    Hi, This beer shampoo is very amazing i love it…..

  • kishna says:

    Hello madam , is there any nascent smell/odor smell after applying beer shampoo to hair ?

  • Shally says:

    I purchased Park Avenue beet shampoo because everyone was lyk it’s gud for scalp n it controls hairfall n make hair to look thick is true mam???

  • Kishna, There will be no bad smell after washing off your hair… 🙂

  • Martina says:

    Will hair grow thick?

  • Debasish says:

    bought mine one after reading this

  • Aman says:

    This shampoo gives a thick hair….? Because I love thick and strong hair

  • Nomaan says:

    Dear I Am suffering from alopecia areata hair fall. Will beer shampoo will be help full for me. Please suggest.

  • Hi Nomaan,
    On such case I would suggest you to go to your nearest doctor, because these products are good for normal hairs and helpful for solving minor problems. If you consult with doctor once and go for medical help it would be perfect.
    Best Regards

  • Neeraj says:

    Hi i use beer shampoo 3times and hairfall keeps on increasing suggest me something better that can help!

  • Kumar says:

    Hi mam my name is kumar my hair loss fall in two years continue what problem

  • Aswin Pramod says:

    My Hair Is Falling Because Of Dandruff. . Is This Shampoo Work For me And Reduce My Dandruff and HairFall.. ? Will The Hair Come back ?

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