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10 Facts You Must Know About Belly Fat

You may find it quite embarrassing to know that the worst fat that we have is the belly fat. You might have searched its facts about belly fat throughout the internet. But let me tell you, belly fats are not just a thing that flies away after exercise or after strictly maintaining eating habits. It is a burden that you felt when wearing pretty slim bodycoon dress or sheath attire. Eating right foods is not the only solution. Read through this article to keep learning 10 facts you must know about belly fat.

10 Facts You Must Know About Belly Fat that has been going Viral:

If you are unaware about belly fat, how you must avoid it or how to maintain it then we will provide you 10 fascinating ideas about belly fat:

  • Belly fat looks very awkward than fats in other body parts:

It is very true that, belly fats look very unpleasant. Not only that, even people having excess amount of fats in their belly feels very difficult to adjust wearing preferable clothes. Apart from that, there is a high risk of heart attacks to suffer when belly fats increases. National Health Research also has found that mostly middle aged women tend to suffer from belly fat which is very disturbing. Blood sugar, blood pressure and many other diseases tends to increase one at a time when severe fats increases.

  • Decreasing belly fats is not just a game:

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Breaking down your belly is not a game to be played on. And we do know that it is not an easy task. Foods that you consume also affect your belly. Although, you wanted a slim looking figure but your food habits tends to affect your health. If others can decrease their fat with healthy diet plan, then you too can try it. We suggest it would be best for you if you eat fruits, juices and skip oily snacks.

  • Prolong sitting is belly fats facts and myths:

Who doesn’t want to lose fats and stay slim and beautiful?  To become slim is like having a control over your body that defines how reliable you can work out. But when sitting for longer time may increase your belly fats. If you want your bulging belly to move away from you then this is the right time to get up from your working chair. Get some exercise that includes jogging, walking, running, cycling, aerobic etc. (Try exercising faster)

  • Consume Apple Cider for the signs of belly fats:

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When talking about the facts of consuming apple cider, a teaspoon full when mixed with some raw vegetables tends to decrease belly fats. Make very sure, the remedy is followed every day. This will bring you in shape within a few months. However, prolong consuming may not be good for your health.

  • People say do not eat food at night – That’s never true:


The main issue is the calories intake for normal people is around 1800 – 2300 for women and 2000 – 3000 for men according to the Americans Dietary Guidelines.  People must not lower the everyday calorie intake as it will affect the health of the people. But, an unlimited calorie especially at night increases the amount of fats in your belly. So, you need to maintain a balance between everyday calories consumed.

  • Seven- Eight hours of sleep is necessary (For an Adult):


Everyone wants a stress free life with full of enjoyments as well as entertainment. Beyond that sleep is mandatory to reduce your belly fats. But how many hours do an adult need to sleep at night? Well, 7-8 hours sleep is very much necessary. If you have a sound sleep every night then every morning you can have an energetic body, mind and soul that help to reduce all the entire fats. On the other hand, water is also an essential part of our body to flow down all the toxins present in side.

  • Certain Crunches will not help reducing belly fats:

Crunches help you to stay fit and strong but that is never possible to lose a complete belly fat soon. So, how to lose belly fat in a week? Well, we suggest you to follow regular jogging and running exercises for vanishing fats.

  • Green Tea is effective to relieve belly fats:

green tea

Apart from exercise, drinking green tea is also necessary for maintaining your body shape. Green Tea contains fat burning components that help to vanish away your stomach fats. Many researches say that green tea contains Catechins compound that helps to control your fats from your belly. Along with green tea, a regular exercise is compulsory.

  • Greet goodbye to watching TV:

Cut your TV remote button, for losing the 4000 calories fats that you have got in your stomach. People say that watching TV continuously either sitting or lying down tends to increase fats. So, to get a perfect shape in the belly part, say bye to TV and just turned it off.

  • Take six meals a day:

Of course, it has been seen and observe that people who tend to consume small or less meals has better diet plan than those who eats bigger amount of three meals. But be very sure not to eat heavy meat and oily foods. Instead include whole grains, vegetables in amount, fibres etc. Along with it, exercise is necessary to include. Know that your weight loss is your only remedy to stay beautiful at all times.

So, these are some of the 10 facts you must now about belly fat. We know that it’s a bit difficult to follow its criteria but overall we believe that for getting beautiful you can follow such difficult routine. These routines are not just to reduce belly fat but to stay fit and strong.

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