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10 Unknown Facts of Maldives – Must Know Before You Make A Trip

Maldives is one of the popular and safest holiday destinations across the Globe with its tropical island. This tourist destination boast of colorful and exotic coral reefs, white sandy beaches that have individual huts near to the beaches for accommodation lying in the vast Indian Ocean. And also boasts of blue sparkling azure sea waters. There are many more interesting facts that may you not know. So, here we bring you the 10 unknown facts of Maldives that you must know.10 unknown facts of maldives

10 Unknown Facts of Maldives everything you need to know!

Here are the lists of 10 unknown facts of Maldives you need to know before you plan for a trip. Chek them out!

#1: Maldives is the smallest Muslim Country in the world. Do you know?

Yes, you heard it right! Maldives is a wonderful country and it is known for its religious intolerance. This also known as the smallest Muslim country in the whole world as well as the one of the smallest country in the Asia.

The constitution of the country was written in the year 1997 where the constitutions state that every citizen residing out there should be a Muslim particularly and clearly forbidding following of any other religion.

#2: Over 1190 Coral Islands that the country has it grouped into major 26 atolls

The country Maldives has a total number of over 1190 Coral Islands which are grouped into 26 major atolls and can be seen in 200 inhabited islands & 80 islands inclusive of resorts for tourists.facts to know about Maldives male

The country is surrounded with 99 (ninety-nine) percent of water around where the archipelago has a wonderful location across the main sea lines of the Indian Ocean.

#3: The literacy rate of Adults in Maldives is 98%

In the year 1978, the literacy rate in Maldives was recorded to 70 percent and now the country can boast a 98 percent literacy rate among the adults. The 100 percent of children in the country have been enrolled in primary school and 99 percent of the graduation are the rate to grade five. The Maldivians follow the British educational system with the support of UNICEF implementing a unified educational program.

#4: Alcohols are prohibited outside the resorts & hotels

If you are addicted to drinking alcohol and looking for an alcohol in the locals then you are wasting your time and energy. Because alcohols are not available outside anywhere in the country except in hotels and resorts. Why is it restricted? Because it is the country’s Islamic belief that, every tourist is expected to respect and obey the traditions of the Muslims while you are there for a visit or holidaying.

So, the cocktail lovers, if you happen to be in Maldives, you need to keep this thing in mind and respect the traditions of the Muslim Country by avoiding drinking in public areas.

Apart from the prohibition of alcohol elsewhere except in hotels & resorts, it is also believed that importing of pork products and alcohol are illegal as per the Muslim beliefs.

#5: Unlike another country that has its weekend on Saturdays and Sundays, Maldives has its weekends on Friday and Saturday.

The safest country Maldives has its weekend on Friday and Saturday quite unique and unknown facts, isn’t it? While the rest of the countries in the whole Globe take their weekend off on Saturdays and Sundays.

#6: Underwater Cabinet Meeting was held in Maldives for the first time in the World

Did you know? The first Cabinet Meeting was held in Maldives underwater in the year 2009. The meeting was held based on the extreme climate change and also regarding the rise of the water level in the Ocean in order to raise an awareness. In fact, Maldives is the first ever country to held such an incredible underwater Cabinet meeting conducted by the president, Mohamed Nasheed long with 13 other government officials.unknown facts about maldives

#7: Maldives is formed by an Exiled Prince of India

It is believed that the first people to colonize the islands are from India although the exact date is unknown but the tentative dates are somewhere before 269 BC. The island is formed by an exiled Indian Prince – son of the King of Kalinga in India who has been driven away to Maldives by the King as he was greatly displeased which was then now known as Dheeva Maari.

#8: The country’s every element of Flag has a meaningful symbolism to express

Every country all around the world has its own National Flag and symbolism of every element in the flag. In the case of Maldives, each element of the flag represents very touching symbols that one must respect.

The Maldivians Flag is designed with two colors along with crescent moon that symbolizes the Islam, the green color represents the palm tree and the red in the background represents the bloodshed of the Maldivian’s heroes.

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#9: Experience the Incredible Facts of Underwater life in Maldives

Maldives is a beautiful country surrounded by 99 percent of water and its incredible islands boast of marine life and unique coral reefs that you must explore. If you are adventurous and have an interest in aquatic life then just take a dip into the water where you will be able to see colorful tropical fish, coral reefs, and caves. If you dive a bit deeper then you will be able to see whales, sharks, turtles, manta rays and moray eels.

#10: Maldivians belief in Supernatural

In the year 2013, during the presidential elections, the police officials have detained a coconut on account of being found loitering and acting suspiciously. It is believed that the young coconut has been found outside the voting system which was then accused of being put there just to influence the election.

So, these are the 10 unknown facts of Maldives all you need to know in case you are planning a trip to this wonderful country. The country as I have mentioned earlier is the safest holiday destinations you can choose and enjoy exploring the incredible islands. Hope this information is useful and informative to you. If you have any doubts or some more interesting facts to add then please feel free to share your information in the comment section.

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