Benefits of Cayenne pepper

Cayenne Pepper for Amazing Health Benefits

Pepper has always been a common ingredient for flavoring dishes and preparing spicy food all over the world. Though pepper is disliked by many, pepper has been used for over thousands of years. Did you know, Cayenne Peeper which is also known as Guinea spice can help you with WEIGHTLOSS? And with daily consumption, Cayenne Pepper can be an excellent dietary fruit with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Cayenne Pepper has many unknown benefits which even includes increasing metabolism. Amazing right? Though cayenne pepper or any other pepper may not be a sweet fruit like orange, apple or banana. Pepper surely has a lot of benefits, when compared to many fruits which are eaten like vegetables too.

cayenne pepper benefits

EAT YOUR PEPPER!! This is something that we always heard from our parents as a kid. And it is backed by facts that, pepper is amazingly healthy for body and this is where our topic of the day begins. Let me now take you through all the detailed overview on how Cayenne Peeper can be beneficial for you.

About Cayenne Pepper and Its Health Benefits:

The origin of pepper dates long back to 2000BC in India, and by mid-century pepper became the most traded spices over the world. In today’s world, one can see the exposure of pepper to everyday food items and even preservatives.

Cayenne pepper is well known for neutralizing acidity, stimulation blood vessels thus offering proper detoxifying & cleansing of the blood. Prescribed as a remedy for fever, nausea, hemorrhoids, gout, heartburn and more day to day illness.

healthy benefits of cayenne pepper

Not just all that, Cayenne Pepper has many more benefits that I will talk about right now.

Healthy Cayenne Pepper Benefits:

For Digestion Problems:

If you suffering from digestion problems, a regular consumption of cayenne pepper in your diet can help you avoid facing this problem from ever happening. Cayenne has been proven to stimulate the flow of enzyme producing glands and gastric juice, which in turn improves and stimulates the digestive tract.

Suffering from intestinal gas? Cayenne pepper can help you get rid it easily and stimulate intestinal peristaltic motion which helps to aid assimilation and elimination.

Cayenne Pepper for Increased Metabolism & WeightLoss:

Wait, Pepper for weight loss? YES, that’s right, Cayenne Pepper when in taken with breakfast can help you lose weight throughout the day. What this actually does is control your appetite for craving and which leads to lesser calories intake. And along with controlling the appetite, cayenne is also proven to increase metabolism which helps to loose the extra fat slowly.

And with intensive exercise, the increase in metabolism and controlled craving can help you lose weight really fast.

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Cayenne to Fight Cancer:

There has been a lot of studies, which have shown a dramatic improvement of fighting against cancer even for smokers. The high amount of capsaicin helps to wash off the formation of tobacco-induced lungs tumors and provides high defense against the liver-related problem like tumors and fat accumulation.

Prevent Headache Due to Migraine:

This can be considered to be a fact that pepper has the ability to stimulate the pain receptors all over the body. This, in turn, helps the brain to stimulate more substance P, which is a nerve pain chemical and this helps to provide relief from excessive migraine headaches.

The fight against Cold, Flu, and Irritant with Cayenne Pepper:

Starting from sore, cough, irritating itching cough, ulcer, upset stomach all can be avoided with daily Cayenne. For the cold-related problem, an increased dosed of Cayenne pepper can help in breaking down and excreting the congested mucus, which later helps to provide relief from flu.

cayenne pepper

Anti-Fungal & Anti-Allergen Properties:

Cayenne has anti-allergen and anti-fungal properties which can fight against both the problem easily.

Stimulates Saliva:

If your mouth goes dry even after regular consumption of water, Cayenne pepper is what you need in your diet. It is an excellent option to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Reduced the Risk of Heart Attack & Stroke:

Yes, Cayenne can help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by increasing fibrinolytic process which helps to prevent blood clots.

Supports Detoxification:

This process is carried out by increasing the pulse of lymphatic & influences the digestive rhythm. It streamlines the process of natural detoxification by heating up the body.

A Great Source for Vitamines and Minerals:

Cayenne Pepper, is a great source of day to day vitamins and minerals like-

  • Vitamin C, which is the second most available vitamin on freshly picked Cayenne Pepper or any other chilly. And as you already know, Vitamin C is a really great antioxidant which is required by the body for all the vital functionality of organs, skin, blood vessels and bones.
  • Vitamin A, which is really available in abundant, is important for proper vision, healthy skin, and daily neurological functionalities.
  • Vitamine E, which helps in proper functionality of the body. Fight the sign of aging with simple a spoon of Cayenne Pepper in your daily diet. Not just that, Vitamin E is really essential for balanced cholesterol, repairing daily skin damage, improving hair quality, boosting energy level and much more.
  • Minerals, which are available in abundant in Cayenne chili pepper are mentioned below per 100Gram of Cayenne Pepper:

Niacin at 54%

Riboflavin at 71%

Iron at 97.5% 

Copper at 41%

Potassium at 43%

ZERO% Cholesterol

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More Remedies and Benefits:

Cayenne Pepper has been used occasionally for more purposes like rheumatism, sores, snakebites, lumbago and wounds. Treating toothache with cayenne pepper has been in process for hundreds of years. Daily consumption of cayenne helps to keep blood pressure under control and also controls the balance of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides which are really important as it reduces with age.

Precaution while Handling & Consuming of Cayenne Pepper:

Though Cayenne chili pepper can be amazingly beneficial, it has to be kept in mind that it isn’t something that you should consume excessively. The main ingredient of Cayenne Pepper is Capsaicin which ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 SHU. What this means is, this chili is hot, LITERALLY REALLY HOT!!!

Cayenne chili benefit

Avoid intaking excessively or exposing it on naked skin, in case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse your eyes thoroughly with cold water and use ice if irritation persists. Upon excessive consumption, eat fat filled ingredients like Sweet Yogurt (cold is best) or milk, as fat helps to wash off the Capsaicin which is responsible for the burning feeling.

Avoid consuming excessive pepper in case you have any oral, throat or any other infection as this can trigger high-intensity burning and pain.

In any case, AVOID Using Old or Spoiled Cayenne Chili Pepper as it contains a compound called “AFLATOXIN” which is a fungal mold that can cause liver, colon or stomach cancer!!!

AND so, with all the health benefits and precaution that you have to take while consuming the Cayenne Pepper makes it a Forbidden fruit that you can enjoy every day. You can consume a maximum of 2 teaspoons (depending on your tolerance) or with your daily meals. Hope this article is informational with all the facts that you need to about Cayenne pepper and its benefits.

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