10 proven Benefits of Banana for Hair

Benefits of banana for hair loss prevention and also heal other hair based problems. Banana is a very important fruit with many high healing values for the purpose of hair and scalp. Apart from eating bananas are also being use for many medicinal benefits; One of the best benefits of banana is banana prevents hair loss.

Banana is the common fruit all over the world since from the alexander reign. Banana is a very tasty fruit where you will get high potassium, which good for quick energy in our body. Not only the ripen banana but also the raw banana can be eaten as vegetable or in the market it is available banana fried chips. Banana chips are very popular food item that are favourite snacks for the children.

banana for hair

Many people are un-ware about these hidden benefits of banana for hair loss prevention and repairing the scalp. Banana contains vitamins and minerals that helps to nourish and moisturize the hair and scalps. Banana helps to repair the rough and damage hair, and provide smooth and silky hair for both man and woman.

There are many hair loss treatments in the saloon; but these treatments are comparatively high cost which many of us hesitate to make the use of these treatments. So here I have simple and natural methods and therapy for preventing hair loss using Banana.

List of tips for the benefits of banana for hair loss treatment-

Bananas have many treatment values for preventing hair loss; and below are the following tips that will help you-

  • Treatment of hair damage with banana

Banana is the natural hair conditioner. Take the ripe banana and coconut milk in the bowl. Mix the ingredients and apply to the hair. Wash your hair after 10minutes. If amla (Indian gooseberry) juice is available, then add the amla juice to the above mix.

  • Using Banana for strengthening and shining hairs

To strengthening and shining hair, use banana along with sunflower oil and lime juice.

crush banana

First crush the ripe banana until it becomes smooth and paste-like. When it is done add a tablespoon of sunflower oil and a half tablespoon of fresh lime juice. Mix thoroughly with the help spoon and prepared a mixture paste.

Apply this paste onto your hair from the tips to the roots of the hairs. Then cover the hair with the help of towel for minimum of 15-20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, wash with slightly warm water and rinse thoroughly all over the hair.

For the best result repeat twice a month. How to make your hair silky and shiny within a short time?

  • Hair loss control with the banana

The main reason for hair loss is dandruff and itchiness on the scalps. Banana cure dandruff off and repair the hair loss.

hair loss control with babana

Take the ripe banana and crush the banana to make a paste, add the ½ cup of curd to it. Apply this smooth paste on the scalp. It helps to control the itchy scalp and prevents the hair loss.

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  • Scalp moisturizers

Another big reason for hair loss is dry scalps, to prevent dry scalp you must moisturizer and other branded shampoo for treating the dry scalp. But all these treatment will cause you much bucks. Read (How scalp massage is so much helpful for hair and health)

scalp moisturizer

So here come, use banana for free and natural scalp moisturizers. Along with banana, you need few more ingredients for making a paste. They ingredients are extra virgin Olive oil and home-made coconut oil.

For making the paste you have to crush banana till it becomes smooth, then add the Olive oil and the coconut oil. Rinse thoroughly to mix the paste and make it ready.

Now apply the paste on the hair from the root to the tip thoroughly. Then leave for 10-15 minutes, after that wash the hair with moderate warm water. For the best result, you must repeat this treatment atleast twice a month.

So the above mentions are some of the benefits of banana for hair loss treatment. Banana is the good fruit, which are widely available all over the world. Banana is a very simple and common fruit, many people don’t know the important medicinal value for treating hair loss. Hence banana will be the best, free and simplest cure method for preventing hair loss. Hope you are interested and tried also for curing you hair. So if found useful please do share with your friends and comment your views below.

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