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Hidden Health Benefits Of Mushrooms & Precautions While Eating Mushroom

“Mushroom” is a delicious delicacy indeed. Mushroom is consumed all over the world as Chinese, Korean, European and Japanese cuisine as a popular ingredient and dishes. Definitely, even the Northeast people include mushroom in their cooking ingredients. With exposed to sunlight, mushroom provides Vitamin D. To know the health benefits of mushrooms, let me first explain to which kingdom mushrooms belong.

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Mushrooms belong to the world of fungi kingdom. And mostly mushrooms are sold in the market from the mushroom farms. The most edible mushroom for human consumption is Agaricus Bisporus. However, one must be very conscious before eating mushroom because most of it can contain poison. Let us preview the details of benefits of mushroom.

Health Benefits Of Mushrooms:

Although mushrooms look very pale and white it has many health benefits. In fact, it looks after all over development of your health. Below are the detail health benefits of mushroom:

1.      Immunity Booster:

Mushrooms are rich in beta-glucan that helps to protect and fight against sickness. So, when you are sick or suffering from any weakness then consuming mushrooms in your diet will stable and boost your immune system which is are a great benefits of mushroom.

2.      Fight against Cancer:

Cancer is the main source of our sickness nowadays. And there are not many medicines available to fight against cancer. As a result, the selenium present in mushrooms helps to prevent and fight against cancer cells. Selenium also reduces the tumor growth slowly. Not only selenium but even Vitamin D present in mushrooms helps to decrease the growth of cancer cells. Hence, for more Vitamin D, cut mushrooms into two equal halves and place it under sunlight.


3.      Good for Diabetic Person:

Researchers have been showing that people who are suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetic can be reduced intake of insulin after consuming mushrooms. At least 20-25 grams must be consumed by women and 30-35 grams recommended for men every day.

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4.      Helps Weight Loss:

When you speak about weight loss, a dietary fiber plays such a vital role. As mushrooms contain two categories of dietary fibers called beta-glucan and chitin, this ultimately reduces your hunger. As this amazing super food is low in calories and fats, it, in turn, helps to keep your body fit and strong. For fitness and weight management, I include mushroom in my diet plan.

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5.      Good for Heart Patient:

Are you a heart patient? If yes then cook mushroom for lowering your blood pressure level. They are little high in potassium but low in sodium. This is the reason it maintains your high blood pressure which in turn lowers the risk of heart stroke.

Mushroom Nutritional Value Per 100 g:

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  • 22kcal Energy
  • 3 g of carbohydrates
  • Protein contains 2.5 g
  • Fats contain 0.1 g
  • Selenium 26 ug
  • 5 mg copper
  • It also contains plenty of Vitamins and Minerals.

So these are the nutritional value of mushrooms. To get the benefits you must heat and cook mushrooms. There are also some side effects of consuming mushroom. Let us check them below.

Side Effects of Mushroom:

Although mushrooms have some health benefits, it also has side effects which are poisonous for our health. Wild mushrooms can even lead you to death if you are not sure about which mushroom is edible.

Therefore before cooking mushroom, one must research fully about mushroom family. But, if you want to totally avoid the tragedy then I recommend consuming mushroom from the cultivated mushroom farms.

Did you enjoy reading my post? I hope now you understood what the health benefits of mushrooms are. Include in your diet very carefully because most of the mushrooms are deadliest. And to get the delicious yummy taste and to get all the nutrients and vitamins, you must cook mushroom properly to enjoy the benefits of mushroom. But do not only consider on eating mushrooms, also eat other varieties of vegetables along with it.

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