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Best Hairstyles for Saree You Must Try Out

Saree is one of the traditional ethnic wear which is worn by a maximum of the women. Usually, saree is worn for festivals or any formal functions or casual. Though the world has gone very advanced, the tradition of  wearing saree in functions has not left the generation yet. Not only women but many young ladies of India even like to wear this long beautiful saree. For looking more gorgeous you also need to have hairstyles for saree i.e matching with your saree.

hairstyles for saree

There is a different type of saree to try out, but for every different saree, you need to have different hairstyles which will suit you. Today I am going to show you many hairstyles for saree which you must try out to look stunning in any party or occasion. Read below the different best hairstyles for saree.

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Best Suiting Hairstyles for Saree :

1. Curly long Hair With Saree: The curly hairstyle is very common and perfect with saree. This curly hairstyle can be a compliment with any kind of saree let it be shiny north-Indian saree or Tamil saree. In this style, you can keep your curly hair any way like in the front, in the back or on the side. This style is also very much famous with all the Bollywood stars.

curly hairstyles for saree

2, Ponytail Hairstyle for Saree: This pony hairstyle is the new fashion that is trending in all over the country. This hairstyle is very attractive, if you want to be the centre of attraction for any festival or occasion then you can go for this hairstyle with you saree. On having ponytail hairstyle the deep color saree is very suitable for every woman. This style with saree will give you a classic finish which is very beautiful hence, the ponytail is very common in hairstyle for girls in saree.

Ponytail hairstyle

3. Long Straight Hair: If you don’t want to waste time with your hairstyles then nothing is much better than this. This is the simplest style that you can go with your saree, you can keep your long hair in front or in back both looks great. But the straight hairs keeps behind the stunning look for you, it can also give you a classic Indian look. According to me, this is the best hairstyle for saree that you can go for.

long hairstyles for saree

4. The High Bun Hairstyle: These hairstyles for saree is mostly adopted by a maximum of the Bollywood actress when they go in any traditional parties or award functions. As you can see here below in the picture that Aishwarya Ray has come to show with high bun hairstyle in the award function of Mercedes Benz. I must she is looking too cute with her golden saree and with the bun hairstyle.


Aishwariya Ray

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5. Puff up Hair designs: This is the Indian bridal hairstyle look with your fair white saree. The puffy hairstyle with beautiful flowers makes one look really adoring. This might take you some time for combing your hair and placing puff in your hair in a different way to make it look extra beautiful.

puffy saree hairstyles

6. Braid Hairstyle with South-Indian Saree: Braids are always a perfect hairstyle for every young ladies. The southIndian type of braid hairstyle with white flowers, in the end, looks very adorable. These hairstyles for saree suits very well with south Indian sarees. The picture given below is really gorgeous to look.

Braid hairstyles for saree

7. Plait with Flowers Hairstyle: The hairstyle plait with flowers looks very good with beautiful jewelry and sarees. This way of styling gives a girl a South Indian look which is very stunning to look, maximum girls look beautiful with this type of hairstyles with saree. You can try these trending hairstyles with saree.

plait with flower hairstyles for saree

8. Wavy, Curly Hairstyle: This hairstyle is for a perfect Indian Desi girl. This style or fashion of saree is called to be Desi style because maximum Indian ladies do adopt this hairstyle with saree. The hairstyle really looks cute and trendy that you can be the center of attraction at any function.

Side wavy curly hairstyle

9.  Delightful Updos Hairstyles for Saree: The updos have always been the best hairstyle for every type of women, especially the Indian women, they are very much addicted to the updo hairstyle and they look beautiful too. Especially when a woman is in saree and with the updo hairstyle, she looks very gorgeous like in the picture given below.

delightful updo hairstyles

10. The Messy Updo Hairstyles: The messy hairstyle had been always a good choice of hairstyle for every lady. The messy braid hairstyle also  looks very good with saree, actually this fashion is very new so it is rarely seen only on occasion or any festive or shows.

messy hairstyles for saree

This is all the stunning hairstyles for saree that you can go for this season for any occasion. This various hairstyle listed above in the content is very popular among all the Indian ladies. The fashion of saree is really trending nowadays all over the world as I have seen some of the foreign people in saree and they look really gorgeous. Thanks for reading. Comment us below for any queries or for sharing any ideas regarding saree fashion.

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