Carom Seeds for Amazing Health | How to Use for the Most Benefits

Carom seed is one of the essential herbs (seeds mainly) used in Indian kitchen to make curry taste better. Carom seeds are also known as Ajwain in many parts of India. The smell of this herb is a soothing one and has many beneficial advantages like instant relief from stomach aches due to gastric problem and over-eating. Except for the seeds, its oil and flowers can also be used as a medicine for various diseases.

carom seed benefits

Carom seeds are very helpful against many diseases like Earache, toothache, Influenza, Heart problems, Arthritis, Nasal blockage, and toothache, etc. It is rich in mineral, fiber, and vitamin which makes it beneficial for health. With many antioxidant agents which helps to maintain a proper functionality. You can chew the seeds or drink with water to get free from gastric problem. Here I am going to show you some of the carom seeds benefits.

Here I am going to show you some of the carom seeds benefits.

Carom seeds benefits & How to Use:

1. For Asthma:

Carom seeds are very helpful to reduce Asthma problem. You can take carom seeds with warm water, and it will give you instant relief from Asthma problems. People who have this issue can take the carom seeds twice a day to notice long term.

2. For indigestion:

Ajwain or carom seed has extreme benefits for digestion problem. It is a natural home remedy to get relief from indigestion problem. Having a strong smell, and its active enzymes can boost up your digestive function. It can help to release your gastric liquid from your body. You can take one spoon of carom seeds with one spoon of cumin and 1 or 2 teaspoons of ginger powder with it to cure your digestion problem. Taking this mixture can cure your problem.

3. For cleaning wounds/acnes:

Carom seeds are very helpful to lighten up skin complexion. It can protect from acne scars and other skin related problem. You can make a paste of carom seeds or Ajwain seeds and apply on your affected areas. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it off with regular water to get a pimple free skin. Using this paste twice in a week can provide you a glowing and healthy pimple free skin.

4. For common cold:

For the common cold, ajwain or carom seed is one of the best natural remedies. Make a paste of Ajwain seeds or take some seeds to inhale its scent. It will help to free your blocked nasal.

5. Mosquito repugnant:

Ajwain seeds is very using as a mosquito repellent. You can take a little amount of mustard oil with some carom seeds and spread over on cardboard pieces, and now you can put that cardboard in your room. This can help to get rid of mosquitos and refreshen your home with lovely scent.

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6. For cleansing skin:

Applying the paste on your face can provide you a flawless skin. To make this dough you need to mix up two ingredients; Ajwain and yogurt. This paste helps to reduce your skin diseases and make your skin clean and lighten up.
carom benefits7. Free from Arthritis:

Carom seeds has 2 elements which are very helpful to fight against Arthritis problems, and its antibiotic properties help to reduce redness and swelling conditions. This is a natural homemade remedy which is very effective and harmless. You can apply this paste on your affected area. After applying this paste, you will feel a little relief from pain.

8. For mouth problem:

If you have gum problem then carom seeds can release your mouth pain. Chewing carom seeds or ajwain seeds will cure your gum problem. This is the best homemade remedy to get rid of your mouth problem.

9. For liver and kidney:

Improper diet can cause your liver and kidney pain. This simple natural homemade remedy can cure your liver and kidney problem. Carom seeds are so much efficient making your liver and kidney pain-free

10. Heals pain relief:

Take some ingredients like carom seeds, fenugreek seeds and onion seeds with a pinch of sabot isabgol. Grind these ingredients and make a smooth powder. Take the prepared powder one tablespoon daily in the morning powder. Having this powder will give you instant healing from pain, and it is very effective to use.

11. For Diarrhea:

Carom seed can help to cure diarrhea problem. Take some carom seeds to boil in water. Now you can drink the liquid to get free from diarrhea. This is the ancient and traditional remedy to cure this problem.

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12. Menstrual pains:

Carom seeds are extremely helpful for menstrual pain. You can use this herb to get reduce menstrual pain.carom13. For stomach problem:

Improper digestion can cause stomach problem. So you need to take some carom seeds and soak it in lime juice. And let it dry. Now grind the seeds with adding a pinch of black salt. You can have this powder twice a day.

14. For a migraine:

Carom seeds is very helpful in migraine problem. Take some carom seeds and wrap with a thin cotton handkerchief and smell the seeds. It will help to get you free from migraine problem.

15. For alcoholic:

This natural herb is very beneficial for an alcoholic problem. People who have an alcoholic problem can resist its consumption by chewing carom seeds every day.

16. Reduce weight:

Carom seeds has very effective properties which are very helpful to reduce weight. On your empty stomach, you can chewing carom seeds or soaked carom seeds in the night and drink the same in the next morning to help burn up your excess weight.

17. Reduce graying hair:

Nowadays graying hair in young age is very common. And it gives an awkward feeling. Pollution and chemical can damage our hair a lot. To reduce this problem, you can have carom seeds to get rid of graying hair. So have some curry leaves, dry grapes with some carom seeds. Mix all ingredients in one glass water and drink it daily.

Carom seeds is an important herb in the Indian kitchen. Not only for health but is also beneficial for beauty. It can reduce skin problem and so much more. But over consumption is very harmful. So take an adequate amount of it.


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