Forehead Acne – The Causes & Best Remedies

Forehead Acne can be hidden with bangs, but what about people who don’t have bangs ? And girls with bangs, how long are you going to hide them with your bangs? Forehead can be a really bad spot for acnes after cheeks, especially for people with chubby cheeks. And why would you take the stress of hiding your acnes when you can simply get rid of them.

Forehad acne

Now, for a pimple free skin, you first need to know the basic factors causing the pimples.It can’t always be the external factors that cause the outburst of forehead acnes.There can be a variety of factors like physiological factors that can cause forehead acnes too.

Causes Of Forehead acne

Forehead acne can be caused due to a variety of factors that include both external and internal factors like food, daily pollution, skin products and even physiological factors like excess stress.According to a chinese tale, forehead acne are caused due to digestive disorders which is a sign of unhealthy food consumption.



Few Of The Main Causes Of ForeHead Acne Are :

Forehead acne


Problems With Digestion:

One of the main causes of forehead acne is related to digestion problems.If you are facing forehead acne problems then you first need to consider your eating and drinking habits.For forehead acne the best solution can be a proper balanced diet with leafy vegetables and fruits.And regular exercise can result in lessening your forehead acne.

Irritating Dandruff:

Dandruff doesn’t only cause irritation and make you look careless about your health with dandruff falling on your suit or stuck in your hair but also causes forehead acnes.Incase you are having a recent problem with forehead acne then using a good anti dandruff shampoo can work like magic.

Clogging of Pores:

Clogging of pores is another main cause of forehead acne.With too much oil getting clogged up in the pores, this causes the pores to inflate and with no dirt being thrown out through the blocked pore this causes the acnes on forehead.However this type of acnes can be easily prevented with just few steps.

Forehead acne

Stress Factor:

Our daily life stress can make us work harder and also help us to learn more about our life.But with excess stress come problems like illness & mental instability.And believe it or not, if you are facing excess stress then it may result in few acne popping up here and there.

Excess Exfoliation:

Nothing is good for your health if you consume it in excess, even the healthiest food. As well as with exfoliation of skin can be good if you consider it wo 2-3 time in week but if used in excess then it may result in forehead acne and skin problems.

Poor Selection Of Hair Product:

Using a certain product that has help you for a long time can also result in rapid aging of your skin.Especially for girls who use bangs to hide their forehead acne, Beware the hair products that you use can be the cause of your prolong acnes.

Few Of The Best Remedies For Forehead Acne

Today I am going to help you out with the best forehead acne solutions even in a fast pace, and also which you can easily find in your home:

Go lemons

forehead acne

Lemon juice is one of the best remedies for forehead acne.Just apply a drop of raw lemon juice to your acne spots for overnight.A good old lemon therapy is the best for any acne problems.But do take care not to expose yourself to sunlight if you apply it in morning as this helps to lighten your skin and get rid of acnes with natural bleaching process.

Break Some Eggs

Forehead acne

Some consider any egg remedy to be smelly but the fact being truth that, eggs are the second best remedy for acne.So don’t turn your nose this time, ruther break some eggs and have an omelet or a scrambled egg & stop worrying about forehead acne.After that put your finger inside the empty shell and swap out some of the left over gluey stuff and rub it a little over the acne affected places.Leave it for a long time or as long as you can tolerate the smell!

Join a Tomatina Festival 😀


Who doesn’t love tomato salad and even the grand tomatina festival. So this is what I got for you today, you wake up one day and you noticed a bulge of a incoming attack from a forehead acne.Don’t panic, simply slice a tomato and apply it directly on the erupting spot for twice daily and see the magic.If you have too much oily skin then you can even mix it with beer and apply it on your face to maintain a good oiliness and dryness skin.But don’t use this for more than 1-2 days in a week or 2 will lessen you forehead acne easily.

Yes to Oil Bath

forehead acne

If you are thinking that, you have a oily skin and this method won’t work for you then you are mistaken.A oil bath with lavender oil can really rejuvenate you and free you off from worries about forehead acnes with a positive energy and also help you to get rid of the clogged oil inside your skin’s pores.And having a oil bath now and then help you to slowly diminish any forehead acne or zits.

Honey With Mustard Powder

Honey With mustard

Now with mustard and honey you can forget worrying about acnes, you can even use bottled mustard but I recommend getting raw mustard and grinding it together with honey.After done that simply use it like a face pack and leave it for 15mins and then wash it off with.You will notice your skin will be glowing and supple which is due to the fact that mustard is rich in Zinc, Vitamin C and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which is really good for your skin and especialy for forehead acne.

So, here you are this were the list of few of best remedies for your forehead acne.Now you don’t have to hide in your home when you are having a acne or even cut your hair with bangs to hide your forehead acnes.

Set yourself free and go for whatever hair cut and clear skin with this simple forehead acne remedies. But note that, these are not any medical substitute so the result may vary.

Hope this article was helpful & Thank you for reading.


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