Coconut Oil For Tanning – For A Flawless Summer Tan

With summer on it’s way home, this is the time to pack your bags and head your way to the nearest beach to enjoy the warm summer heat and feel the hot sand under your feet.Laying down on the beach and enjoying the warm sunlight piercing through your skin.And also don’t forget to pack a bottle of Coconut oil for tanning.Yes that’s right Coconut Oil.

Coconut Oil For Tanning

Laying down on the beach, with coconut oil for tanning, to get the perfect tan for the summer.Now you must be thinking why am I talking about coconut oil for tanning… Right ?

Well, believe it or not coconut oil can be one of the best sunscreen alternative.Now you can ask me why should I use coconut oil instead of all the costly sunscreen/sunblock creams and lotion I got ? Well, I can give you more then just reasons why you shouldn’t use sunscreen/sunblock this time.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Sunscreen/Sunblock

Everyone loves their flawless skin right ? Well, your Sunscreen doesn’t love your skin. Do you know that ever sunscreen you used till now has harmful chemicals which may save you from the harmful UV light but in return they are taking away the most vital part of your body “Your Skin”.

Coconut oil for tanning

A recent research found out that, even the most expensive sunscreen/sunblocks contains harmful chemicals like parabens, petroleum oil, chemical fragrance and many other solvents that can breakdown when exposed to sunlight, which may result in skin irritation and skin degradation.

The research even says that 4 out of every 5 sunscreen/sunblock creams & lotions contains harmful chemicals.And it even includes the leading brands like Neutrogena, Banana Boat and even Coppertone.And not just that, using the wrong sunscreen can even cause cancer.


coconut oil for tanning

And even this chemicals in sunscreen/sunblock causes environmental degradation and damages the ecosystem.

So, now you must be thinking, even with the leading brands under influence of harmful chemicals what brand should I use now ? Well, I can help you with this problem.”Coconut oil for tanning” the best solution for your summer tan and even to protect you from the harmful UV rays.I will tell you all about coconut oil tanning and you be the judge wether you want to choose it as an alternative.

Coconut Oil For Tanning… A Better Alternative ?

First of all, let’s take out the harmful chemical & toxins out of the line for coconut oil for tanning, as coconut oil doesn’t contain even a single harmful chemical or toxin.As you all know coconut oil is 100% natural & toxin free and additional to that you can get the great smell, efficiency and all that at an affordable price.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Tanning:

Forget About Peeling

After a good sun tan it is common to notice that, you skin starts to peel of all the lotion and skin which gets stuck with the sunscreen as the sunscreen dries up and  as a result the moisture of your skin is lost in the process.

coconut oil for tanning

Whereas with coconut oil you don’t have to worry about peeling as the coconut oil contains saturated fat the doesn’t dry up even at high temperatures ruther it creates a protective layer of oil over your skin that helps to maintain the moisture which prevent your skin from sunburns or from cracking up.

Get You Tan Faster

As with all the sunscreen users who spend Hours and Hours laying down in the beach just to get a good tan but are never satisfied with the tan they get in the end.And over that using this chemically induced creams can create skin problems.

Coconut oil for tanning

But with coconut oil, you don’t have to worry about spending too much time for getting that perfect bronze tan.All you have to do is, apply some coconut oil and lay down for 20 minutes and then take a break and change your position and your tan will be done in no time.

Let In The Vitamin D

This is probably one of the best features of coconut oil for tanning.Unlike any other sunscreen/sunblock, coconut oil allows in the most of the Vitamin D into your body and also boosts the ability of the body to absorb it.

Coconut oil for tanning

Vitamin D can keep you health and running so let in the vitamin D and don’t block them with all the harmful sunscreen and sunblocks.

How to Apply Coconut Oil For Tanning ?

You can simply apply the coconut oil like any other sunscreen or sunblock that you apply & also might want to store it in a spay action bottle or pump.If you are going to use it for the first time then apply a little more to let your body absorb the coconut oil.

Coconut oil for tanning

Now you will need to reapply it after every 10 minutes and also don’t stay under the direct sun for more than 20 minutes as coconuts will absorb the heat and tan very fast compare to sunscreens.

NOTE:Lastly, note that unlike all other UV ray protecting products, coconut oil also can’t protect your skin from the harmful UV rays for a long time.Take care that you shouldn’t be under the sun for more than 20 minutes straight, Take a break and then go again if you are enjoying a beach volleyball match or any other game.

So there you have it, now you can choose whether you still want to go for the harmful sunscreen or the healthy coconut oil for tanning.Whatever you choose, enjoy the upcoming summer to the fullest and take care of your vital skin & let the sun embrace you to the fullest.

Thank You For Reading & Happy Summer Times.


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