Get Rid of Dry Nose : Useful Home Remedies

Whether your nose is excessively dry or flowing, it creates some uneasiness to your body. Maintaining nose and keeping it neither dry nor leak is very important to keep yourself free from nose irritation. Yes, a dry nose is not a disease that you need to worry much about it. This dry nose is commonly caused due to some side effects of some medicine, excessive air conditioning your body etc.

And this side effects of medicine result in itching, swelling & bleeding of your nose, which is a symptom of having dry nose problem. If you are having an excessive problem of nose dry then it will cause a problem in your eyesight, so you need to take good care of your nose in order to have good eyesight all the time.

dry nose home remedies

In order to keep your nose healthy, you will need to take good care and maintain your nose. Hence, I came up with the effective home remedies to cure your congestion problem. These home remedies are useful in curing the uneasiness problem of your nose within minimum days.

These effective home remedies are listed below and I hope this remedies will help you in recovering the dryness of your nose like it did with me when I was having dry nose. I found that these remedies are really very helpful other than consuming costly medicine from the market for curing congestion.

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So here are the useful remedies that help in solving the uneasy nose problems easily within some days.

Home Remedies for Curing Dry Nose:

1. Almond Oil: Almond oil is a very effective home remedies for curing your nose problem. Applying almond oi in your nose by using cotton ball will help you in relaxing your nostrils and nose muscels which will finally cause in bringing your nose to normal position. This oil is helpful because almond is very good in creating moisture directly after applying it in your nose, these properties of almond is totally useful in recovering dry nose problems.

for Dry nose

2. Inhaling Steam: This home remedies is known by maximum people and is the easiest one. Inhaling steam after every interval also results positively in relieving nose problem. You can do this remedies after applying some moisturizer like almond oil in your nose so that you feel smooth while inhaling the steam of hot water.

3. Sauna Bath: Everyone will like to have sauna bath! If you can go with this luxury sauna bath then this is the best and easy way to cure your dry nose. This is an expensive bath so if you can’t go with sauna bath then you can make sauna bath by yourself in your house.  Heat your bath water and add some aroma oil in it and leave your bath water for some time so that the goodness of aroma oil completely dissolve in your bath water.

sauna bath for dry nose

Heat your bath water and add some aroma oil in it and leave your bath water for some time so that the goodness of aroma oil completely dissolve in your bath water. Now you can take a bath with your bath water, do not take a bath for too long because afterward you may have your nose flowing.

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4. Drinking of Fluids: sometimes the internal skin of nose gets dehydrated causing dry nose. So  drinking maximum amount of water every day can lubricate your nose tissue and relief you from uneasy nose problem. If you are having dry internal nose then you can try drinking lot amount of water every day.

5. Using Humidifiers: If you are living in a place where there is dry atmosphere most of the time. Then there is a chance of having of more excessive dryness of your nose which is very risky of your eyesight. So it is always important that you humidify the place or room where you spend your most of the time. Humidifiers play a good role of home remedies in this case because this will help your room or place humid which will relief your nose.

dry nose humidifier

6. Saline Spray: The solution of salt water is also effective in curing congestion and this normal salt solution can also be made at home easily. Spraying saline water in your nose with moisturizer will help in curing dry nose with in some time. You can also buy saline water from the market if you can’t make it properly at the house.

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7. Coconut oil: Coconut oil is highly effective for nasal congestion problem, but this remedy is not for excessive use because it might leave you some negative effect. The anoinment properties of coconut oil helps in moisturizing the nose cells and relief you from painfull nose by making your nose atmosphere humid.

8. Petrolium jelly: There is nothing better than petrolium jelly in curing your skin problems mysterical way. You can apply petrolium jelly in your nose with the help of Q-tip and enjoy the benefits of this moisturizer. According to me this is the easiest home remedy for nasal congestion.

dry nose remedies

This is the simple home remedies for curing dry nose problems and relief you from excessive nose pain which is caused due to dryness of your nose. I hope now you can come through this congestion problems easily be applying this effective remedies. I guess you will be benefited with the remedies listed above, if you have any thing to share or ask then you can kindly comment us in the box given below.Thanks for reading this helpful article.

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