How To Get Rid Of-Fordyce Spots On Lips?

You may panic when you notice small bumps on our lips, as those areas are so sensitive. The first thought in your mind may revolve that you are affected by STD, but there is no reason to worry all about. It is just a Fordyce spots on lips.

Fordyce spots are one type of visible sebaceous gland, which is commonly found in most of the individuals. It frequently appears on the genitals or face and also can be seen in the mouth. Fordyce spots on lips are commonly found in both male and female.

Fordyce spots on lips

Fordyce granules are seen as small raised with pale red, yellow-white or sometimes with skin-colored bumps or the spots that appear on male organ, or the labia, scrotum in the lips of an individual face. They can be easily found in the foreskin of Tyson’s gland.

This also can be seen in the vermilion border of the lips, as it is normally sharp demarcation against the red coloured part of the lips.

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Fordyce spots on lips are a skin disease that is named after the American dermatologist john Addison Fordyce. Who first described them clinically in medical terms; he also termed Fordyce disease as Brooke-Fordyce trichoepithelioma.

Fordyce spots part of ectopic sebaceous gland:

Let me be free with you to explain about Fordyce spots. To be honest you don’t need to worry about it, as it is not associated with any disease or illness.  Fordyce spots  are types of ectopic sebaceous gland, which are mainly located in the private parts. The expert’s dermatologist says that they are the only cosmetic concern.

According to the study, it is proved by the experts that Fordyce spots on lips are kind of natural occurrence that can be seen on the human body and it is not infectious.

Fordyce spots on lips and its Symptoms:

You will be able to see small, pale, bumps or spots with a diameter ranging from 1 to 3mm that will be visible on your lips.

  • Most common in male scrotum
  • You will also see Shaft of the male organ.
  • Also the vermilion border, where the skin meets the lips.
  • And the labia, most common in females.
get rid of fordyce spots

For your kind information, you may find the male organ glans or shaft; scrotum and labia in a female may surprise you with its looks as it turns into bright red or purple papules. But nothing is to worry as they are simply abnormal blood vessels that are covered by the thick skin. They are also painless and please avoid itching, that may cause you bleeding.

Few tips to get rid of Fordyce spots:

Let me suggest you with some of the tips to get rid of Fordyce spots, which you can try at home.

1. Coconut oil: Coconut oil can be the best natural oil that can help you get rid of Fordyce spots. As we know that coconut oil acts as a natural moisturizer that is followed from our ancestors. Fordyce spots appear on the upper lips due to lack of hydration.

coconut oil for fordyce lips

You can apply coconut oil on your lips to get rid of Fordyce spots, olive oil will be best for alternatives.

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2. Consume lots of water: Fordyce spots on lips occur due to lack of dryness in your mouth. Please make sure that you consumed lots of water daily so that it can help to keep your lips moist and wet.

water for fordyce lips

You will need to consume at least eight glasses of water daily, also avoid teas and coffee that can cause your lips with inflammation.

3. Use Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider vinegar also can be the best treatment you can try for getting rid of Fordyce spots on lips.

For you kind information, please don’t apply the cider vinegar directly to the affected area, it may cause you painful inflammation on your skin. Dilute it with a glass of water including two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.

And certainly you will get a better result of change on your lips.

apple cidar for your lips

I hope the above home remedies could help you get rid of Fordyce spots on lips, as people get so irritate with this types of skin disease. Please do visit your nearest physician and consult, if these home remedies do not work on you. Please do comment for any assistant.

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