Is it Safe to Color your Hair During Pregnancy?

Is it Safe to Color your Hair During Pregnancy ? – It has been a myth that dying or coloring hairs during pregnancy can cause dysfunction in usual reproduction. Hence, it is not yet 100% proved that coloring hair being a pregnant, affects on to-be-born child. However, there is a slight risk in using any chemical elements on body while being a pregnant. We will discuss all short of possible risks, and prevention on this blog, providing a clear the answer to the concern, ” Is it Safe to Color your Hair During Pregnancy ?”

First of all, let’s make it clear, how does a dying chemical gets contact to our body system.

– Any kind of hair-dying agents are absorbed to our system through the skin, not the hair shaft. This means, if you color your hairs without letting the color to get contact with your skin, it seemed to be harmless.

Meanwhile, any health adviser would recommend you not to apply any hair dying element before Second Trimester begins. From the stage of second trimester the baby become a bit less vulnerable to get harmed.

Nevertheless, it is to be kept in mind that a good prevention is always worth making. As you know that the chemical substances of hair dye can’t be absorbed into our body’s inner system if it has no contact with the skin; you can take some easy process to keep your skin untouched while coloring your hairs.

You can simply avoid to apply the color on all over the hair or head. Try something different coloring method during pregnancy. You may like to try Highlighting, Streaking, Frosting, and Painting. Thus the chemical substances of hair dying agent gets less contact with the skin or scalp.


Is it Safe to Color your Hair During Pregnancy ?

While you has to take many necessary precautions, it is clear that there is no accurate safety to color your hair during pregnancy.

If you still intend to color your hair with some prevention during pregnancy, we are here to suggest you the best precautions and prevention. But, again, you have to wait until the second trimester.

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Safe Methods to Color Your Hairs During Pregnancy-

Your hairs are likely to be growing faster comparing normal growth during second trimester of your pregnancy. This happens, because of the pregnancy hormones go rage and furious travelling all over your body. Thus, your hairs at this stage might be even looking different in color and texture.

The period of first 12 weeks of pregnancy is the major stage for the bay to growth. Therefore, it is highly suggested to wait until this stage over for applying any hair dye.

If you are confident that the period of Second Trimester is over, you can proceed with the below given procedure. And before you start with it, think again, ” Is it Safe to Color your Hair During Pregnancy ?”    

Tip 1: Prefer Vegetable Dye

It has been widely told that vegetable based colors are very less harmful than colors of synthetic chemicals, and a very good option to the pregnant women who wants to color their hair.

Hold your excitement right there, be cautious. The so called herbal and natural products for hair color being sold in the market are really genuine? You must check the product ingredients on its cover before buying or applying it.

It is seen very often, that those natural or herbal product available in the shops are produced by using the same  harmful synthetic chemicals such as Dihydroxybenzene, Aminophenol, and Phenylenediamine etc.

Such chemical substances are also available in most of cosmetic product produced by many cosmetic companies.

Tip 2: Prefer Pure Henna

Laawsonia Inermis, which is also widely known in India as Henna is a good temporary vegetable dyeing element. The Henna has been used as dying substance since thousands of years in many places.

pure henna


The few disadvantages of using Henna you may find are-

  • It is pretty much dirty and difficult to deal with.
  • The color need to be kept for a long time to be developed properly.
  • and it smell pretty bad.

Here to be cautious again, as all henna product are also not pure in quality. The Henna products which are likely to be developed very fast or being colored within a short period of time are suspected to be mixed with synthetic elements. So, always check your desired product before you purchase it.

Stay Safe, Ensure Safety of to-be-born Baby

The safety is in your hand, we could only suggest the possible precautions.  It is all in your hand, either the decision of coloring hair during pregnancy cause you a deep headache for nine long months or give you a great feeling for beautiful colored hairs.

If you intend to color your hair by yourself, it should be done wearing hand-gloves and in a enough space. do not keep the dying agent for too long. Rinse it off thoroughly with fresh water when it is developed enough. Stay safe while coloring your hairs during pregnancy.

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