Nail Art designs Guide- Acrylic, Toe, Short & Long Nails

Nail designs are very trending fashion going on everywhere this trending nail designs are not only for long nails or for those who are using acrylic nails. You can now get these unique nail arts even in your short nails of your finger if you want to get your short nails designed well and unique from others then I’m sure you will love to read this article. Like today, we are going to show you many short nail designs including long nail art.

nail designs

There is nothing much different between short and long nails design but the art and method might differ from each other. I hope you are eager to know those bundle of unique designs of the nail that will suit you. I guess you will be happy to know that today is your lucky day because I have come to share with you some bundles of trending design of nails for both short and long nails.

This nail designs that I’m going to share with you all is very trending and unique, maybe some don’t even know that this type of nail arts even exists. This beautiful designs of the nail are such that if you see, you will just say Wow! These trending nail art ideas are not that tough that you need an extra designer for your nails whereas you can do it on your own, the thing is you will need to give some time in designing and maintaining your nails. So let’s not make you wait more and come to the main part of the article i.e. nail art design.

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This is the categories of nail designs that I’m going to share with you today:

  • Unique short nail designs.
  • Trending long nail designs.
  • Acrylic nail designs.
  • Toenail designs.

A. Unique & Trending Short Nail Designs for you:

1. Black and gold nude Nail designs: These black, gold nude nail designs are very exotic and trending. This nail designs generally is made for new year eve, but this nail art designs literally looks unique that you will say wow on seeing it in your own nail. This nail art can be designed by using Q-tips, I say you must try this nail design for once to enjoy its beauties.

nail designs for you

2.Flower nail art designs: Having flower design in your nail will just look wow. This flower types nail design is very typical for college girls, this design gives your nail a new life. This sort of beautiful Flower nail art ideas is very unique. You can make flower designs in your nail with any type of background color, this nail arts can be tried at home, but you will need maximum time to make up this nail design beautiful and unique. Whatever you may say about this nail designs ideas but having this type of designs in your nail will make you trending anywhere.

Flower nail designs

3. Glitter Ombre Nails: This designs almost looks like a galaxy in your finger, this is an awesome design that you can have your nails easily, but the thing is you will need to choose a good color for the background for your nail. Now this is the chance to show your talent for designing with glitters in your nail in the beautiful background. Finally, as I have said your nail will start looking like a mini galaxy and these nail design ideas is really easy because you won’t need that much time for this easy nail designs. I’m sure you will love this designs.

Simple nail designs

4. Edgy Easy Nail Art Designs With Skulls: If you are having edgy nails then this nail design will totally suit you. This is an easy nail art which includes only one color if you are to do this nail designs then it will look good if you choose some deep color like dark red. This nail art looks unique because of the skull which you can design in any of your fingers.

nail designs for short nails

5. Baroque Easy Nail Art: This nail art idea is really time taking design but the result of taking this quality time for nails comes out very helpful at the end. This nail design is a quality & gorgeous nail designs which you will surely love to have. Actually, I don’t have much to say about this wonderful nail design, you will know by observing the picture given below.

baroque cute nail designs

6. Stripped Pretty Nail Designs: If you are looking for multi-color nail design which doesn’t consume your much time. Then this striped nail arts will be the best design for you because this doesn’t consume much time because you will just need to chose the number of colors for your nail and applied it randomly to every nail. In this stripped type of nail designs, you can apply more than one color in your single nail. So this is best nail design for you if you want multiple colors in nails in a short period.

striped nail designs

7. Matte nail designs for short nails: From the beginning everyone likes and loves black and white colors because this gives a classic structure to you which is good to look. Matte type of color is favorite to maximum girls because this looks fresh and unique as nails are shiny from before. Try out this exotic and trending nail designs for short nails.

Matte nail designs for short nails

8. Pink and White Nail Art Ideas: This is an amazing type of nail art which you can adopt for attending any parties as this nail art looks trending and creative. This is a customized nail design for short nails, you can customize your own nail designs if you are not satisfied with this design as this design is flexible and suits in every possible layout.

Nail art ideas

9. Pastel Polka Nail designs: This matte nail design is excellent for short nails. This nail art makes your nails look like ice cream due to its design and the matte color. I’m sure after looking the picture given below you want these nails to design badly right! Try this design I’m sure that you will not recognize that your nails look so awesome.

gel nail design

10. Pink and Blue Nail design: The most simple and easiest nail designs that you can do in your school or college to look trending. The blue boundary in the nail tip look creative, and the important news is that this design will not take much time from you. Try this out at home and remain trending among your college mates.

cool nail designs

B.Trending long Nail Designs This Summer:

1. Cyclonic Long Nail Design: This trending summer nail design is awesome to make one’s mouth wide open for a moment. This is a mixed type nail designs where the white and black color is painted in such a way that you will keep saying wow. Actually, this nail art idea is very time taking but the result will make you take your own time. This is one of the most trending long nail design for this summer season. I would like to tell you that you must try out this type of typical impressive designs at least for once.

nail art ideas

2. Purple Flower Trending long nail designs: This is big flower type of art that is to be designed beautifully in your long nail. Actually, nails with beautiful flower with purple color shades look really gorgeous, the color itself is very fresh, for this hot exotic summer, I guess this cool tone is going to help you. Try out the exotic flower easy nail arts and look cool and trending in this summer.

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Purple flower nail art designs

3. Autumn Matte Long Nail design : You can say this nail art design is a premium design for this autumn season. In this nail designs, you can clearly see a leaf-like structure with some black dots. These nail art designs are not that time taking but it looks cool in long nails as you can define your thoughts more in long nails.

best nail art designs

4. Christmas nail design: Young girls would like to have this Christmas nail designs for their beautiful finger as for the carnival festive season will energise them to look prettier, it will spare you little of time to develop. But it will give you perfect shades of colour with the red and x-mas tree painted on your nails will give you total festive looks.

cool nail designs

Santa clause and the stars on your nails will provide you with fancy looks.

5. Bling Nails: This nail designs will look good on you  going to a party or any ceremony that will give you glamorous looks, colour as  in the picture below for this nail design you just need to put heavy colour on your nails followed by using purple nail polish with along with those shiny glitters that which  will give your finger exotic looks.

pretty nail designs

6. Animal and glitter: You can give wildest looks to your nails by painting them with light dark yellowish glittcolormaking stripes with dark shades. To give your nails a leopard looks which will be so trendy for young age college going girls  you can try this summer. These piculiar nail designs are just awesome and wild to look at.

nail design ideas

7. Swirls on nails: This cool nail designs is mainly for young girls for partying out. For this nail arts you are to paint your long nails with blue nail polish, add some swirls with dark blue nail polish to make dotted swirls on it and get perfect trendy looks for your nails. Also, try with golden nail polish to make a different design.

cool nail designs

8. Stiletto nail design: If you have long nails it’s enough to show off your friends with this stiletto nail designs. Paint your nails with nude nail polish adding them with some crystal stones that will help to glitters in your nails or else add them with golden nail paint for better effect.

easy nail art

9. Polka nail design: Polka nail designs is one of the most peculiar trends that young girls want to apply for their nails,that polka design gives you a whole pattern throughout any season you can use all the colour combination.

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cute nail designs

10. Pink and silver showers: Pink has been most common in girls as they would likely prefer to pink paint. For a better combination, you can shower some silver nail paint on it to look more casual as added with some glitters on it to make it more perfect combination. You can also add some crystal on your nail designs to make it look fancier!

easy nail art

C . Acrylic Nail Designs:

1. Rhinestone nail designs: When it comes to rhinestone art on your nails, it plays very tricky option. Crystal on your nail designs will give you elegant looks when you paired them on any nude nail paints, as rhinestone does not dominate the surface will give you very classy.

acrylic nail designs

2. Gold and white acrylic nail designs: This kind of acrylic nail designs comes to be in result like luxurious nail. Gold and White is one of the best combination on your cute nails, that gives you totally ready and perfect for all kinds of parties , night clubs, etc. This combination will certainly make you bulky with it own designs. And remember me this is one of the beautiful acrylic nail art ideas that you can go for and it is easy too.

acrylic nails

3. Floral acrylic nail designs: Flowers on your nail designs with nude nails paints on the surface will give you elegant and classy looks. For this, apply nude paint on the nails surface above filled with a floral flower that will charm  to give you its best looks on your fingers nails. Thus nude paint on the surface of your nails will give your nails fragile acrylic designs.

acrylic nails designs

4. Baby pink: Pink nail paints is one of the most picked colours  among the women or girls, as it gives a perfect combination on a nail when painted. As baby pink is  the main source for this design you should keep in mind not to overcrowd  with other paints.

To give more uniqueness to your nail designs you can decorate with some crystals within the borders of your nails,that will give you perfect classy look.

nail design

5. Acrylic tribal  nail designs: Acrylic is the best concentrated colour that can give you perfect base on your nail. To have a tribal design on your acrylic  nails you can do apply blue nail polish on your nails. Give a good finishing with white colour nail paint using for tribal art on nails. That will remind you of how your culture  is so nail designs

6. Acrylic heart shaped designs: Your nail designs can get much prettier by applying transparent colour on your nail, and let your base  coat get totally dry. You can start applying heart shaped nail polish on your nails using wild red paint that certainly will be a spell of love in your cute nail designs. To get it more attractive you can add rhinestone for better art that will give the perfect combination to wild red heart shaped.

acrylic nails designs

7. Snowfall nails design: This nail designs will certainly catches attention to everyone’s eyes as it is so attractive to its texture nails coated with shimmery coat of purple glaze nail polish. The sprinkles  of glitters on its texture will gives your nails like snowfall beauty. This design given below doesn’t look like acrylic nails designs as it is designed very carefully for party and programs.

gel nail designs

8. Beginner Acrylic nail art: This nail designs will be so easy and pretty good for the beginner as you will not required any of the artists to art on your nails. You can certainly try at-home take cherry red nail paint or some of variety paints and then apply on broad nails and let it dry add dots with white nail paints,also try adding some crystal or rhinestone for better attention. This acrylic nails designs will take your some time to get it ready but it is quite very good like in the picture given below.

cool nail designs

 9. Acrylic 3D nail designs: It will really surprise you to know that your nail can look awesome  with 3D art on it as considered one of the latest fashion in nail designs. Although it may look so difficult and complicated but if you have right equipment try it at home. it’s easy and simple to apply and make it look cute on your nails.To give it more classy look to your nails add rose sticker on it.

acrylic nail designs

10. Galaxy wolf nail designs: Acrylic  nail art designs is one of the best art for nails  in women’s fashion that makes them trendier and more attractive,this galaxy wolf design will look good to college going girls who always goes crazy for nails fashion. Apply blue nail paint and then concentrate on wolf art which you can go to any professional nail painter for better art.

acrylic nails

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C. Toenail designs:

1. Lady bug nail designs: Many of the women’s also like to art on their toenail designs, as it has become most popular fashion trends that will attract anyone. Polka dots on your toenails will help you to adopt lady bud design on your toenails which will give you cute looks natively,for this art apply wild red nail paint followed by black nail paint lining along with the dotted. Which will certainly give your toenails very cute and attractive looks.

toe nail designs

2. Glitters and heart design: This simple nail designs can remarkably make your toe prettier  with different art on it as you like but here I will suggest you with some of the best art that will give perfect looks to your  toe ,which you can try at home having perfect tools for art. For this art apply red nail paint on your toe and add them with glitters and little hearts on it to look more attractive.

simple nail designs

3. Winter toe designs:  Black nail polish can certainly look good on your toe which will elegantly give your toenail designs a perfect glaze. For this you will need to apply black nail paint and then add them with rose flower highlighting with white nail paint,which will give your toe exotic looks in winter.

nail art ideas

4. Blue toenail designs: This designs for toes can be the best art  for your toenails that can fascinate you among your friends, now women’s likes to match nail arts on both of their finger nails and toe nail designs. You can try this at home as it is so simple to art on your nails. The flowers on your toenails will give you uniqueness different from other.

cute nail designs

5. Rhinestone toenail designs: Crystal or rhinestone may cause difficult to you for art , but it is so simple as you can try it at home. For this art you will just need to apply purple nail paints on your toe and add them with rhinestone to get perfect texture of colour. This can be the best-sophisticated art ever you will have and everyone’s eye will fall upon your toes art.

toenail designs

6. Leopard art on toenails: Apply light texture of nail paint on your toes including the glitters and let it dry, then try with black nail paints for  making leopard art on it. This will surely give you wilder looks on your safari tour in this summer. I must ask you to check out this awesome easy nail designs.

pretty nail designs

7. 3D toenail designs: 3D is one of the most leading trend in women nail art designs,most of them would rather prefer to go having 3D art for their nails even if it is so difficult for them to art,But if you have equipment at home try it  applying transparent colour on your toe nail art and let it dry to art with rhinestone and fix to end with floral sticker on it,that which give you most authentic look ever.

nail designs for short nails

8. Trendy toenails designs: Some women also love to keep their toe nail art ideas looks so trendy,as for this you can use variants of colours to design your variety of art. You would love to try this art for the festive season,as it looks very elegant with its own trend giving out its festive art. Apply with blue nail paint on your toe  and finish them with rhinestone at the bottom to give its perfect combination to your toe.

cool nail designs

9. Cute toenail designs: Short toe nails is also one of the most popular trend among women, most of the school going girls will match with this art as we can say that is very cute  which will suit even on baby girls. It so so simple as so cute you will just need to apply red nail paints on your toes and add small flower sticker to the corner to get the perfect combination.

nails designs

10. Simple toenails designs: Most of the women don’t like to fascinate their nails  with variety of easy nail arts and nail paints,in fact, they would rather prefer  to keep- their nails and toe nails clean as much as they can effort.This one  kind of trend in the fashion world, you don’t need to spend much time decorating your nails all day long thus you can try out this trend just by applying white nail paint to the upper layer of your toe nails and leaving the bottom with transparent nail paints. Hence, this can give your toe clean and decent looks.

nail design

Nail art designs on women have been popping out with latest variants of art, whether you like subtle art or avant-garde art.No matter trend has brought something for everyone, all you need to do is just have a better knowledge about the crafts for all these manicures. You can try out all of these nail designs above mentioned in the article that will certainly pull you crazy for nail designs. I request you to comment regarding above article any related queries,we are always here to assist you.

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