Quiff Hairstyle Men: A Trendy Quiff Haircut

If you recently on a date Quiff hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for a dashing look.  Or, you are planning to give yourself a new appearance with the beginning of a new year? Whatever the reason behind, if you are planning to give yourself a new trendy look; a good hairstyle can do half of your job while another half may be done by your outfits.

quiff hairstyles

It sounds your hairstyle likely to possess the most credit of how cool you look. Now, think of any new, stylish, cool haircut. Is it Quiff you are thinking about, the modern fab Quiff hairstyle? I am sure you have a good taste for fashion.

About the Quiff Hairstyle:

The Quiff Hairstyle is certainly the most popular and trendy haircut of all time. The hairstyle got its look combining 1950’s pompadour and flattop hairstyle; sometimes combining even with the Mohawk. The Quiff hairstyle is well adopted since decades.

quiff hairstyle

Today, the Quiff is the most accepted and admired hairstyle, especially for men.And guess what, girls go crazy for dudes with Quiff hairstyle. Now, my friend go get a quiff without any second thought and rock your damn world like you never did before.

Various List of Quiff Hairstyle and Quiff Haircut:

The Quiff suits a wide variation of ages, head shape and personality. So, before going to a barber shop, take a look at the variety of quaff cuts and choose yours.

The ClassicQuiff

classic quiff

In this hairstyle, you can keep the various length of hair at the back and side, but it must be shorter than the top hairs. This will give a good contrast your hairstyle. Depending on your hair length and density, you can get your hair cut in a variety of styles.

The Short Quiff

short quiff

To get a short quaff cut, you will need more hairs on the top than your sides and back. In order to give a good look on your short quaff, keep a good balance of volume between the short side-back and top long hairs.

The Messy Quiff

messy quiff

In order to get this cut, your front hairs should be kept slightly longer. Instruct your barber to take some hair volume from the top using thinning scissors if needed. The ‘scissors over comb’ technique will give you best output.

The Pompadour

the pompadour

Generally, this is big and wavy quiff with a high volume of hair brushed up in front. The difference between the top and side-back hair volume should be kept less while getting the haircut. Use a hair dryer to get the perfect a perfect pompadour after wash.

The Contemporary Quiff

 the contemporary quiff

The style is suitable for all kind of hair, whether your hair is wavy or straight. Cut off the sides and back hair volume in maximum amount, keep the front quiff long-huge. The striking contrast of your hair makes your quiff more eye-catching and bold.

How to get a Perfect Quiff Hairstyle

As I have described above different type of quiff hairstyle, you might have hand-picked your own choice. Now, I will throw a step by step guide to get a perfect quiff haircut for you.

  • Firstly, get a quiff haircut of your choice. While cutting your hair, instruct your barber carefully as you want to get a quiff.
  • Once your haircut is done, get home and wash your hairs to reduce oily sebum.
  • Dry your hairs using the towel until it gets damp.
  • Now, apply some styling gel on your hairs, but not too much. Too much hair gel makes your hairs hard and heavy.
  • Put a little amount of gel on your fingers and start making your quiff gently.
  • Now, using a dryer blow your quiff to dry in its direction.
  • In order to get some height of your quiff, use a comb or brush to pull your hairs.
  • Give a finishing touch with a small amount of styling gel.

This seemed some real easy stuff to keep in mind. Now wasting no time, get a fantastic quiff haircut, and be prepared with a new mind-blowing look before going to a date or midnight party.

Not only for parties, but a perfect quiff hairstyle can give you a smart look in all kind of platform. Start your new day, new life, and a have a new journey with the smart, sexy and gentle look.

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