Top 7 Rihanna Tattoos that will suit you

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the very famous pop singer and is popularly known as Rihanna which is her stage name. I guess you know Rihanna right? Have you seen her, in her different music videos with many tattoos on her body? As having tattoos is a fashion now you may think that she had made the tattoo for just a sake of fashion. But I say her tattoos are not for fashion but there are some deep meaning in her tattoos. So what is the meaning of those tattoos? Eager to know right? Don’t worry!!t Today I will all discuss Rihanna’s Tattoos in her legs, hands, back etc. as I have said every tattoo has its meaning so I will also tell you about their meanings.

Rihanna tattoos

Rihanna Tattoos & Rihanna look very lovely and stylish on the stage while singing, actually, she sings different types of songs like pop, soft rap etc. and she is a model too. You might think that she must be strict in her personal life, but as in many interviews she has said ” I am very curious of my tattoos, it’s a culture and I know it. Sometimes I hang out with friends but I never take security with me” So from this sentence I’m sure that you have known that she is not that strict with her personal life too. So till now I guess you have known how professional Rihanna is on stage and in her real life and the same goes about her tattoos. Keep calm! this is not the end I will describe briefly about Rihanna Tattoos in this article.

So to know some more about her tattoos so that you can adopt, please read the whole article patiently.

Top seven Rihanna Tattoos that you can do:

1. Skull Coloured in Rihanna’s leg: Actually this sign generally means danger, but this tattoo in her leg is slightly different. This tattoo consists of a skull and a bow coloured with red. the coloured bow on top of the skull makes the tattoo look really cute and unique by itself. You can make this tattoo but you must make sure that the tattoo should be made in correct place otherwise this will look dirty.

Rihanna tattoos

2. Stars trail: This tattoo is inked on her back and is beautifully designed in her back that it looks really awesome. This tattoo starts from her neck and finishes up in her back, this tattoo is one of the most famous and showed tattoos that she made. This tattoo is inked in NewYork by her one of the best Tattoo artists “Bang Bang”, there are also some rumors saying that this tattoo matched with the trio star in her boyfriend Chris Brown ears. As this is just a rumor you have no choice to believe this right?

Rihanna Tattoos

3. Tattoo of tribal Sign: The Tribal sign is done in her wrist of her right hand and at the back of palm till her finger. This tattoo is very trending and exotic, this tattoo is done while Rihanna was in New Zealand with one of the famous and tribal tattoo artists from New Zealand. This tattoo represents of ‘Strength and Love’ and this is a Maori design tattoo.

Rihanna tattoos

4. Roman Number in her left shoulder: This Roman Number tattoo is the most viral Rihanna Tattoos in every social networking sites. Actually, this roman number is date of birth 14/11/1986 of her best friend Melissa. Melissa also has the same roman tattoo on her shoulder which is the date of birth of Rihanna. So I hope you can now understand how close Rihanna is with her best friend.

Rihanna tattoos

5. Rebel Flower: This tattoo is inked in her left part of the neck, this tattoo was made since 2010. In this tattoo it’s written is “rebellee fleur” which means Rebel Flower in French, this tattoo is also etched by her one of the favourite tattoo artists Bang Bang. This tattoo is done because this flower is her favourite flower from all.

Rihanna tattoos

6. Symbol of Pisces: This tattoo is etched by one of the famous Brazilian tattoo designers. When Rihanna was in Tokyo, fortunately the tattoo artist was also in Tokyo, so he inked this tattoo at the back of her ear. This was her first tattoo design that she loved and let it get done.

Rihanna tattoos

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7. Musical note in her leg: This tattoo is etched in her leg in the year 2006. This tattoo is a musical note which represents her musical carrier and this is also believed to be her first tattoo in her body. This tattoo is made when she started her carrier in this music industry.

Rihanna tattoos

These are the top 7 best Rihanna Tattoos that you can ink in your body too, as this tattoo has lot of meaning in itself. I hope that these tattoos have blown out your mind ot of excitement. These tattoos are trending and erotic enough right? I hope I have given you enough knowledge about Rihanna Tattoos that you should know before etching the tattoos in your skin. Thanks for reading the whole article, if you have any queries, let me know in the comment section.

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