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6 ~Unbelievable Short Hairstyles for Men

Now a days Short haircut is becoming the most trending hairstyles for men. Before long hairstyle was considered to be the most sexiest hairstyle. During 80’s most of the men used to keep their hair long because at that time, men who keep their hair long were compared to rockstars. But the trend has completely changed now; Short hairstyles is ruling the trend.

Short hairstyle for men is the coolest style now a days. Short hairstyle are easy to manage and fun to style. Short hair gives neat and clean look. Especially for men short hairstyle is the best option. You can not only have a classy look for your office or business but you can also look stylist for party and outdoor.

Today I am going to share you some of the best short hairstyle for men by which any men can try and style their hair. There are many popular short hairstyles like buzz haircut, spiky short haircut. One of the most popular short hairstyle these days is the short messy haircut.

Latest short hairstyles for men:

  • Messy hair cut:

In this hairstyle you will have long hairs in the middle of head and will have a sharp cut above the ear. The short messy hair style gives more unique haircut and many hair stylist and fashion expert advice this hair style to the modern men.

messy hair cut

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  • The Buzz haircut:

Buzz haircut will look beautiful to men who have long and angular face. This hair style is very much easy to do and maintain. Buzz haircut make the men’s face look more defined. In some country buzz haircut is a compulsory haircut for soldiers. The buzz haircut can also range in thickness, so pick a length that suits your tastes. Basically buzz haircut is short and simple.

buzz hair cut

  • Textured slicked back haircut:

Textured slicked back haircut is also one of the most popular short haircuts now days. Slicked back pushes hair from the top and sides of the head towards the back. You can add texture and thickness to your hair by roughing it up a bit. Men who have naturally wavy hair can pull off a textured slicked back hair look quite well.

Textured slicked back haircut

  • Sophisticated side part:

Like the side part keeps the hair close to the head to make the face look less long. This style is becoming quite popular with many big name celebs, because it’s classy and timeless. Using a good amount of hair gel and a comb, swipe your hair to one side and comb the rest of it in a near opposite direction. You can choose the location of the part based on your preference, but it usually sits off set on either side of the head.

Sophisticated side part

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  • Layered bang look:

Bangs are great for a guy with long face. Firstly, the hanging hair covers up some of the face to make it appear shorter. Secondly, the layered bangs give the haircut depth and texture, so that it doesn’t fall flat and hug the face. Lastly, layered bangs simply look quite attractive on certain guys.

Layered bang look

  • Modern combed over hairstyle:

To do the comb over hair style sweep the top layer of hair to either side, you could decide to comb the similar length sides downward or take a shaver to it and buzz the sides. This look nice with some neatly cropped stubble too.

Modern combed over hairstyle

Well… In the above article this are the list of short hair style for men, this are the easy hairstyles for men and most attractive hairstyles which really looks perfect 😉

so keep your hairstyles look healthy and wealthy :).. If you have more hairstyles which you know, then please let me know via comments and also share your feedback.


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