30+ Wedding Hairstyles For Bride That Looks WOW!

Wedding day is one of the most important and happiest day in one’s life. As well as it is very important to look good on that day, Specially when it comes to girls, they really need to look pretty glowing. On the wedding day it is important for girls to make-up and dress well, and including this hairstyle, is even more important.. 🙂

Today I have listed many different wedding hairstyles, which you can choose from your own and start designing hair easily. 🙂

On your big day you can style your hair by choosing the best and beautiful wedding hairstyle of your choice. There are various wedding hairstyles, and if you want your hairstyles to suit you then obviously, you will have to choose hairstyle according to the type of dress you wear. Well, now lets come to the exact point.

List of Various Wedding Hairstyles, which I am going to mention below:

  • Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair.
  • Wedding Hairstyles for Long hair.
  • Wedding Updos or Bridal Updos hairstyles.
  • Bridesmaid Hairstyles.

A wedding day is a big day for any girl’s life and it should be a perfect one. For any bride, she must be looking for a perfect bridal dress, perfect makeup as well as a perfect hairstyle. Like a bridal dress, hairstyle also mean a lot to a bride on her wedding day.

1. Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair:

Hairstyle with Short hair may be a difficult task for any bride to make it a perfect wedding hairstyle. But it’s not a tough job. We did a little extra afford and find the solution for you.

For any bride, her hairstyle should be a unique one and probably the best from all of the others, so we have searched and found out some best Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair. So you can choose any of the hairstyles.

1. Curly Wedding Updo for Short Hair

Curly Wedding Updo for Short Hair

Updo hairstyle is one of the best choices for the bride on her wedding day. So if you have a short curly hair then you can choose this hairstyle for the big day.

It’s pretty simple and gives you a unique look and the best choice for any bride having short hair.

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2. Pixie Hairstyle with a Headband

Pixie hairstyle with a headband

A simple Pixie Hairstyle with a Headband is may be the another best and unique hairstyle for a bride having short hair. It gives you an adorable look with the stunning and eye-catching bridal outfit.

3. Curly Wedding Hairstyle

curly wedding hairstyle for short hair

If you believe in simplicity then with your short hair you can go with the simple curly wedding hairstyle. It gives you an elegant look with your gorgeous bridal outfit. In addition, you can use some hair accessory like a hairband or a flower.

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4. Sleek Bobbed Hairstyle

sleek bobbed hairstyle for short hair

With the sleek bobbed hairstyle, you can give your hair an extra look. the bob cut look on your short hair will make your wedding day a perfect one.

When a bride come up with her sleek bobbed hairstyle with some extra hair accessory like a headband and a bouquet in her hand and stand behind the groom, it makes the wedding a perfect.

5. Wedding Hairstyle with Breezy Curls

breezy curls hairstyle

Give your short hair a Breezy Curl looks for your wedding day. It looks really great and simple and with this hairstyle, you can easily melt your loved one’s heart on your special day. It is one of the best hairstyles for a wedding.

6. Retro Wedding Hairstyle

retro hairstyle

Nowadays Retro Hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles for the ones having short hair. It gives a glamorous look to the bride on her wedding day.

Celebrities also use this hairstyle on special occasions, so it’s another option for your hair to make it a perfect fit for your wedding.

7. Blonde Pizzazz Style

blonde pizzazz

On your wedding day, you can go with the Blonde Pizzazz hairstyle. It looks simple and adorable too. It gives you a unique look with the curls.

8. Loose & Wavy Hairstyle for Wedding

 loose and wavy hairstyle

Make your hair wavy and curly for the big day in your life. With a bridal oufit it gives you a unique and glamourous look just like you have imagined for your wedding day.

9. A Flirty-Curly Hairstyle for Wedding

flirty curly hairstyle for wedding

Give your short hair a updo look with the Flirty-Curly hairstyle. For the big day in your life you should definitely go for the special kind of hairstyle that suits you. So, it can be a option to you. Give your curls a extra touch with some extra items like flower or orchid. Definitely you will look best with the bridal outfit and hairstyle.

10. A Simple Curly Hairstyle

simple curly hairstyle for short hair

2. Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Settlement on a Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair can be tricky, especially with over hundreds of hairstyles to choose from during a marriage ceremony. Weddings day is the most special day for a girl, so it is imperative that her makeup, dress, nails and especially her should be perfect in all respect.

With a variety of gorgeous hairstyles to choose from, it can be a little confusing what to go with.But no matter what the style is, it should be kept in mind that her looks should keep people’s eyes locked on the bride and admire her beauty, not just for her makeup & hairstyle.

So, it is critical that you don’t overdo your makeup or hairstyle for the wedding.Keeping in mind, today I am come up with few of the best hairstyles that you can choose from while getting prepared for the marriage ceremony.

11. Laced Curve – A wedding hairstyle

This majestic side bun can create an open outlook for girls with long hair. With curves starting from the front to the back with a bun twist on the side.This style will create the unique piece of art for any party and Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

12. Braids With The Waterfall – A Braids Hairstyle

The waterfall style is one of the best and was widely used in recent posts in many fashion events. Some of us prefer the tight curves, and some of us prefer the loose curls which can both be easily done with this Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

13. Floral Pin Soft Waves Style – A Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have already decided on wearing a backless dress, then this is what you need. The floral pin soft wave style is one of the best for all the backless dress that you want to wear at a party or a wedding.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

14. The Knot Of Infinity

For those who doesn’t have a bareback they can go for infinity knot style as this will create the best outlay for any dress without bareback.And for more attractive look you can go for a simple flower on the middle of the knot Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair.

Wedding Hairstyles

15. Fishtail In Wave

Now coming to this hairstyle, this is one of the best hair style for wedding purposes and programmes who want to leave their hair loose on the go.Also with a tired up knot in the middle like a fish tail Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

16. Knot Down Curls

Go for this style if you have long hairs which reaches to your waist as the curls with take out a lot of your hair length and also you need to keep them down to half waist after the curls are done.So you can easily go for this style for Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

17. Knot Your Curls

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Now the last and the final hairstyle that you can go for especially for wedding ceremony is the Knot your Curls hairstyle that offers you to get a variety of hairstyle with can be used with knots in the top or the bottom.

Here you are, these were the list of the best Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair which you can get for a wedding ceremony or even for brides who want to look like someone very especial as wedding is one of the most happiest and important day for a girl.

3. Wedding updos or Bridal updos hairstyles:

Wedding updos or Bridal updos are of different types and every updos hairstyle will not be that attractive to you. So today we are talking about hairstyles in your wedding. As suggested by a maximum of the hair stylist every girl in her wedding looks more beautiful in the updos hairstyle, but there are many updos. So for your wedding, we have got some top 10 different and beautiful Wedding updos or Bridal updos hairstyle.

Here we go with the best Wedding updos or Bridal updos hairstyle for you that you can adopt in your wedding this season.

18. Classic Wedding updos: 

Firstly in this list I have decided to give classic bridal updos because maximum ladies look beautiful with it. You can do some customization with the classic wedding updos like some Hollywood actress do. And customization is like having a few curled hair in front. I assure in this hairstyle you will look mind blowing.

Classic wedding updos and bridal updos

19. Braidy Bridal Updos: 

This type of wedding updos is mostly adopted by many brides. This bridal updos hairstyle is very beautiful and tricky. This is a combination of braid hairstyle and updo hairstyle and this is a jaw-dropping hairstyle. You can go with this hairstyle.

Braidy bridal updos or wedding updos

20. Messy Updos:

This is a bit unique and nice but this hairstyle is especially for those who are having messy hairs. For this hairstyle will beautiful when you have a messy hair. This hairstyle is unique and very much beautiful one for your wedding

messy bridal updos or wedding updos

21. Side Braid Updos:  

You can also call this hairstyle as side bridal updos or wedding updos. This wedding updos is not that popular because not all can create this type of hair designs. For adopting this hairstyles you may need one stylist to do this nicely. If you ar going to do this hairstyle in your wedding ceremony this winter than your wedding will be the best wedding this season.

bridal updos and wedding updos

22. Flowery Braided Updos:

This is one of the most creative wedding updos hairstyle, that you can use in your wedding. And every one will just look at you, Centre of attraction in your wedding. This is a braidy updos which comes up in a flowery way which is very beautiful. You can have a look of this style in this picture below.

bridal updos and wdding updos

23. Small Braid messy updos:

This is the perfect wedding updos for your marriage this season. This Bridal updos is very easy to make but if you are making it for first time thne you would need to spend some time for this style because this hairstyle has some tricks. Totally no doubt you will look awesome with this.

weding updos and bridal updos

24. Classic side updos:

You can say the tricky most Bridal updos hairstyle. This Wedding updos hairstyle is very classic to look from front. But this hairstyle is so tricky that only stylist can make it look perfect.

bridal updos and wedding updos

25. Loose Updos:

This hairstyle is very rarely used in any wedding ceremony by the bride because this updos is very diificult and you will need to prepare from before if you are to this hairstyle in your wedding. This also suits with only some faces so if you are to do this style then I would suggest you to meet with some stylist.

wedding updos and Bridal updos

26. Simple Bridal Updos:

This type of updos is mostly seen in India this is  very simple bridal updos. This weding updos looks sinmple but is very classic and suits beautifully with any lady.

bridal updos and wedding updos

27. Big Braid Updos:

Big braidy updos for your wedding is very much noted in every marriage ceremony. You can adopt this hairstyle for your marriage. I hope you will be the centre of attraction in your marriage ceremony.

bridal updos and wedding updos

This is all about wedding updos or Bridal updos hairstyle that you can adopt in your marriage ceremony. This is the best updos for wedding.

4. Bridesmaid Hairstyles:

Yes I know that Wedding week is all about the bride, I mean the center of attraction is the bride. The bride has to take a lot of preparation to look unforgettable on the special day of her life. Every girl wants to look adorable and gorgeous on her wedding day of wedding and hair style is one of the most important criteria to look beautiful.

But what about the Bridesmaid hairstyle who have to join her best friend on the wedding day?

She can not forget to look unforgettable along with the bride isn’t it? As the friend of the bride she has a responsibility and can not look poor.

So, today in this detailed article I am also going to show you some beautiful and gorgeous Bridesmaid hairstyles which will make the bridesmaid look stunning. So get ready to learn some awesome hairstyles and prepare your self to become an irresistible bridesmaid. So keep reading :-).

Okay, to start with we have hairs of different lengths like short, medium and long. So I have decided to cover all of them here and include the best ones.

 27. Curly wave with hairband:

If you have medium long hairs then check out the hairstyle below. This is variation in bob-cut medium length hairs where waves of hairs are curled right away from the face which looks stunning isn’t it? You can also make it more beautiful by using a floral type hairband just like the image below. Color variations can also be made to make the finish more catchy.


 28. Stunning Downdo with a bouffant:

This is another perfect hairstyle for bridesmaid which you can try out. I call this stunning dowdo with a bouffant. If you are wearing a long gown then this is a perfect hairstyle for you. You can also compliment this style with a necklace or hair accessories. After all, it’s all about experiment and looking stunning.


29. Natural long curly floral style:

The best thing you can do with your hair is to keep them natural as they are but with little experiment. This hairstyle is best for only those bridesmaids who want to be look equally good as the bride. Make your long hairs a little curly in a proper way and add a flower make it look nicer. Check the image below to get an idea what I am talking about.


30. Gorgeous bridesmaid in waterfall style:

This is fourth hairstyle in this list and this is again very natural looking and beautiful. Preparing this hairstyle will not take much time and once you done with it you look absolutely adorable. After all, you are the bridesmaid and you must compliment this honor isn’t it? Check the image below to have a clear idea.


31. Asymmetric short bridesmaid hairstyle:

So till now I have discussed about some catchy style for long or medium hairs. Now I am going to share one bridesmaid hairstyle for short hairs. I named it Asymmetric short bridesmaid hairstyle. This is very simple to prepare and you can add floral clip to add some more attraction. I recommend to use a floral band of white color matching with the hair color. Check the image below to have a clear idea.


So these are the best bridesmaid hairstyles that you can try out if you are joining your friends wedding. But you can try these anytime and any occasion does not matter if you are bridesmaid or guest of honor. Do let me know which hairstyle you like most and also recommend any if you have. Lets make it a complete guide on wedding hairstyles.

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